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Ylati Footwear

ince the beginning the aim of our brand has been a perfect combination of three main components: the Italian tradition, the use of high quality materials and the avant-garde style.

The Ylati Footwear collection, season by season, evokes the Phlegrean Fields atmosphere, the land where this brand came into the world, which represents the place where a perfect fusion of a thousand-year old history, the perfume of the sea and the power of the city are materialized.

The Ylati creations are conceived for demanding customers, who love including in their style a refined design for their footwear, not giving up on the quality of handmade products.

Those who are choosing the Ylati sneakers face with naturalness the dynamism of our contemporary life because aware of wearing shoes suitable for every occasion, from the office to the aperitif.

The Ylati Footwear success depends on the attention for a current trend and the quality of materials used by a company with a long footwear handmade tradition which observes each shoe since its birth and follows it in choosing the hides cut, the manual assembly of the sole and finally comes to the upper polishing made shoe by shoe.

At the end of a technical advanced production only the high quality shoes are branded, one by one, with the Ylati logo: an equilateral triangle where the perfect symmetry of the sides and the angles celebrates an absolute union of quality, innovation and versatility.

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